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Party availability is currently very limited.

Megan The Bubbleologist is  performing parties in and near the city of Los Angeles.

If interested in the Bubble-Making Activity Only there is a larger travel radius and other Bubbleologists that can be sent out, but no guarantee that it will be Megan.

PRESCHOOL PARTIES - More availability for Pre-School parties during weekdays.

Please feel free to send an email for any special requests.

Rates for parties start at $275 and up.

Outdoor Bubble Show!

The outdoor bubble show includes Megan performing with professional, high quality bubble wands and solution. With fun, colorful wands she'll make all types of bubbles large and small. The show is performed to a set of music tracks.

Indoor Bubble Show!

The indoor bubble show MUST be completely indoors, no garages or tents. Megan performs bubble tricks, huge bubbles, bubbles in bubbles and more! The show is performed to a set of music tracks.

Outdoor Bubble-Making Activity!

The bubbleologist will facilitate kids/guests in making their own bubbles. The bubbleologist will provide bubble wands and trays with high quality bubble solution. In addition, a battery powered speaker that plays fun music and a bubble machine.

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